2 Lovely Gays

2 Lovely Gays

Interior Designers

Agent: Craig Latto

Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead (aka ‘2 Lovely Gays’) are an interior design duo with big aspirations to change the face of interiors and push the boundaries of how we live in our homes.

Design columnists and regular contributors to national press they are making living lovely one project at a time.

Their shared love of design was clear from the start. They met as actors and when they joined forces their lives took a different direction.

They bought their first home together – postcode ending ‘2LG’ – and their friends came up with a business name that stuck.

Gradually, design began to take over their lives and now they live and breathe it; believing that good design can change your life.

2 Lovely Gays

TV Credits

  • The Great Interior Design Challenge - BBC2