Rani Price

Rani Price

TV & Radio Presenter

Official Agent: Jo Carlton

Rani Price is part of the BBC Daytime team, where she has co-presented Don't Get Done, Get Dom, Don't Get Done in the Sun and Watchdog Daily, as well as the long-running property show To Buy or Not To Buy and the very successful consumer series Save My Holiday. She has reported for The One Show and has been a stand-in Blue Peter presenter. More recently she has co-presented Urban Jungle for BBC1 North West as part of the BBC's Summer of Wildlife season.

Rani was the well-known co-host of the CBBC wildlife show ROAR and was also previously the co-host of CBBC's popular entertainment show Best of Friends. Other CBBC appearances include All Over The Place and MOTD Kickabout. Rani has recently been involved as a behind-the-scenes judge on the casting process of CBBC's Deadly Mission Madagascar and has presented science series Beneath the Lab Coat for BBC Schools.

She has hosted a series of children's classical concerts for BBC Radio 3; the culmination of the BBC Singers - Go Sing! Learning Project. Previously, as part of the on-air CBBC presentation team, she made regular appearances on BBC1, BBC2 and the CBBC channel. Rani also recorded commentary for Wild Tales, an animal show for CBBC/CBeebies.

Rani has also appeared on Celebrity MasterChef and (as a committed vegetarian!) was involved in the BBC3 series Kill It Cook It Eat It, which investigated the pros and cons of eating meat.

Other credits include appearances for the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Channel 5, Space, an interactive magazine-style show, and numerous interview slots with guests as diverse as Chris Eubank and Justin Timberlake.

The youngest of five children, Rani was born in Liverpool to Indian parents. Her distinct Liverpudlian accent is in high demand for voice-overs. In fact Rani would love to be the voice of an animated character. So if you're reading this…

With a keen interest in psychology, Rani holds a degree in Social Sciences. After leaving university she toured the northwest with "Theatre in Education" shows for schools. When not touring, she also ran drama and confidence workshops for young people.

After the birth of her daughter, Rani decided she had had enough of diets and negative female body image. Using her social sciences background, Rani qualified as a personal trainer and is now working with other women on breaking those negative patterns and helping them to learn to love the body they have.

One of Rani's biggest ambitions is to work with an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka.

Rani Price
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TV Credits

  • Pointless Celebrities - BBC1
  • Urban Jungle - BBC1
  • Beneath The Lab Coat - BBC2
  • Don't Get Done In The Sun - BBC1
  • Don't Get Done, Get Dom - BBC1
  • Watchdog Daily - BBC1
  • The One Show - BBC1
  • To Buy Or Not To Buy - BBC1
  • All Over The Place - CBBC
  • Blue Peter - BBC1
  • MOTD Kickabout - CBBC/BBC2
  • Save My Holiday - BBC1
  • Best Of Friends - BBC1/CBBC
  • Kill It Cook It Eat It - BBC3
  • Wild Tales - CBBC/CBeebies
  • Celebrity MasterChef - BBC1
  • Ready Steady Cook - BBC2
  • Disney Channel
  • Channel 5
  • Nickelodeon


  • Radio 3 - Go Sing!
  • BBC Asian Network
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