Jenny Ryan

Jenny Ryan

Professional Quizzer

Agent: Craig Latto

Jenny Ryan is a professional quizzer and general knowledge maven. It's her business to know things and to share her knowledge with anybody who will listen.

In 2015 she joined the hallowed team of Chasers on ITV's award-winning teatime hit The Chase, beginning a campaign of crushing contestants' dreams of a new kitchen or holiday to Florida. Nicknamed ‘The Vixen’ and ‘The Bolton Brainiac’ by host Bradley Walsh, she intimidates millions over their oven chips on a daily basis.

Before becoming a public-facing knowledge hound, Jenny was a behind-the-scenes knowledge hound as a writer and researcher on shows including QI and The Weakest Link. Even further back you might have seen her on quiz shows such as University Challenge (University of Leeds, semi-finalist 2002-03), Mastermind and Only Connect (as a member of series champions ‘The Gamblers’).

Jenny is currently writing her first book, Sleeping with the Past, a travelogue about British history. She's used to grubbing about in the darkest recesses of libraries and the internet, seeking the juiciest, most obscure facts – so she thought she'd take a bunch of readers along on her research and learning journey this time.

Jenny is a hugely talented singer and musician. She sings and plays the ukulele with the band Nanukes of The North. Jenny and her fellow Chasers were thrilled to be the winners of BBC1's Let's Sing & Dance For Comic Relief performing a medley from the Wizard Of Oz. Recently she appeared on ITV's The Nightly Show singing and performing How Am I Supposed To Live Without You on her ukulele.

Jenny Ryan

TV Credits

  • The Chase - ITV
  • The Nightly Show - ITV
  • Let's Sing & Dance For Comic Relief - BBC1
  • This Morning - ITV
  • BBC Breakfast - BBC1
  • University Challenge - BBC2
  • Fifteen To One - Channel 4
  • Weakest Link - BBC1
  • The National Lottery: Come & Have A Go - BBC1
  • Mastermind - BBC2
  • Only Connect - BBC4


  • The Afternoon Edition - BBC Radio 5 Live
  • Woman's Hour - BBC Radio 4
  • Heather Stott Show - BBC Radio Manchester