Fred and Pete

Fred and Pete

Presenting & Comedy Double Act / Filmmakers

Official Agent: Craig Latto

Fred and Pete (Freddie Pooley and Peter James) are a comedy double act from Cornwall and have been good friends for many years, having worked together as designers and illustrators.

Fred is originally from Bath but studied animation at Falmouth University and has since lived in Cornwall for the past 14 years. Fred's love of surfing is what first drew him to the Cornish coast, but he also has a passion for painting, drawing, keeping fit and all things outdoors!

Although Pete grew up in Kent, his family is from near Liskeard. He studied design at Loughborough University and returned to Cornwall 12 years ago, where he now lives with his partner on a farm in North Cornwall. A keen sea swimmer, Pete loves to be outdoors. He also has a passion for motorbikes and classic cars.

Fred and Pete are self-taught filmmakers. They write, perform and edit innovative comic video shorts, combining their shared sense of humour and love of art.

It was these videos that caught the eye of commissioning editors at the BBC, landing them their very own TV show. Fred and Pete's Treasure Tales is a 30 episode comedy series they created for CBeebies with London based production company Screen Glue.

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  • Fred & Pete's Treasure Tales - CBeebies
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